List of 101 Devices and Gadgets for 2023 (With Categories)


In a technology-driven era, every year prepares us for something new and unexpected.

Maybe new high-tech gadgets, or we may use a new revolutionary tool. Why not?

In the present day-to-day lifestyle, we depend on various devices and gadgets that can sometimes improve our productivity and efficiency for multiple tasks.

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Now I am curious! What are these cool gadgets that you are talking about?

Haha, now that I got your attention, I have prepared an extensive presentation list with funny and helpful information about various tech gadgets.

We might use the same devices presented in this guide. Who knows?

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight into it!


Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

As the most used device in the world, with nearly 7 billion smartphone users (about 87% of the world’s population), we have to put it at the top of our list.

You can’t walk on the street, at your job, or in your school and not see at least one person using a cellular device.

You can call someone, send a message, take a selfie, or record a video. You have the all-in-one tech gadget right in your pocket.

1. iPhones

Released in June 2007, Apple Inc. has entirely changed the game of mobile devices, estimated at $3 trillion (yes, you read that right) dollars on January 2022.

With over eight models of Apple products, you can indeed find one that fits your needs.

2. Android Smartphones

Being one of the most widespread mobile operating systems, used on a wide range of devices like Samsung, Oneplus, and Asus phones.

With highly customizable features, Android users can design their home screens to be different from each other.

3. Windows Smartphones

If you want to get the experience of using Windows or you want to display it in a museum, this is a perfect choice.

But I don’t recommend using a Windows smartphone if you need to do more advanced work.

4. UV Sterilizer

Because our phones have much exposure to bacteria, by leaving them in dirty places, we don’t want our hands or face to get all greasy, dusty, and filthy, right?

To avoid this problem, we can use a UV sterilizer, which helps us kill pathogens and germs on our smartphones. It’s a box with some light inside, so don’t stress that it will harm your health.

Actually, UV light is more dangerous to a microbe than to a human.


Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

One of the most significant benefits of owning a laptop is that you can take it with you almost anywhere.

You can put it in your backpack and change your workspace from the regular company office to your home.

Thanks to the possibility of working remotely anywhere worldwide, it has become an essential gadget in our lives.

Or if you want to use it for more entertainment, like playing video games or watching a movie, it’s pretty convenient to own one.

5. Gaming Laptops

With nearly the power of a desktop PC packed in up to 10 lbs of metal. You can have fun using less space and sometimes get cheaper deals.

But before buying a laptop, consider that you cannot change some of the components, like the CPU and GPU.

6. Work Laptops

From programmers to designers to business owners, we all use laptops at our job.

I think it’s the best combination of portability and performance that someone will ask for.

7. Laptops 2-in-1

Want to use both a tablet and a laptop?

With 2-in-1 laptops, you can attach a keyboard to your tablet or vice-versa.

You can either use a convertible or a detachable laptop.

8. Laptop Stands

These laptop stands are a good option for a more ergonomic setup or to improve ventilation and airflow to prevent overheating.

It can reduce neck pain, neck fatigue, and all kinds of medical problems.

Desktop Computers

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Even though desktop computers are not so good in terms of portability, these are the best devices you can use for work or fun.

They are suitable for people that have more room space. In addition to the actual computer tower, we will need a few peripherals.

9. Gaming Desktop Computers

From casual gaming to live-streaming or esports, these are the “go-to” option.

You can spend a lot of money on this type of product. The most expensive configuration (at the time of publishing) costs at most $43,000.

If you’re interested in some buying guides, we’ve done some research and put together a top list of multiple budget ranges.

You can find some budget gaming PCs for under $1000.

If you want to upgrade your new gaming PC, I have covered a list of prebuilt gaming PCs for under $1500.

Now if we are talking about professional gamers, this list of gaming PCs under $2000 will get you covered.

So feel free to check them all and send us an e-mail if you find something helpful.

10. Desktop Computers for Work

Suppose you need a powerful device with many resources, for example, video rendering, code compilation, crypto mining, or all kinds of intensive tasks.

A workstation is a perfect choice for you.

11. Mini-PCs

Packed with a CPU, RAM, and an operating system, Mini PCs are fit for a small space.

Whether suitable for your home office or your business, Mini PCs can provide standard performance for everyday tasks.

12. UPS Battery Backup

You can’t tell me that it didn’t happen to you before. Playing your favorite game or doing some work, the power goes off out of nowhere in the entire house (or neighborhood, in my case).

And you got frustrated and didn’t want to do anything after.

Well, I have used these types of devices multiple times, which will give enough power to your computer (or any electric device) to save your work or avoid any malfunction.

Gaming Gadgets

Photo by Ammar ABU-ZAiD on Unsplash

With around 3 billion people playing video games worldwide and over $50 billion spent on gaming consoles, people love gaming gadgets and devices.

In today’s digital age, you have the possibility to play with your friends, parents, children, or others outside your continent.

Games can connect everyone around the world and help us create fun memories.

13. PlayStation

With the giant Sony PlayStation 5, I think this is the best gaming console overall.

With a futuristic design and high-end specs, we’ve got ourselves a winner.

A next-gen gaming console worth all the money and time!

14. Xbox

Dedicated gamers may like this console less but it can still compete with the PS5.

The last console released, Xbox Series X, is slightly more affordable than the PlayStation.

Consider this if we are ever going to purchase an XBOX.

15. Nintendo

Want a more portable gaming console alternative? Here you can choose a Nintendo Switch for this need.

We can still play notorious game titles with a slight drop in performance.

16. Blue Light Shield Glasses

When we have fun playing video games, we have to think about our health. Looking at a screen for a more extended period can damage our eyes.

If you don’t want to take breaks occasionally, consider using Blue Light Glasses to protect your eyesight.

Fortunately, we have plenty of options to choose from. I added this to the list because it is a cheap and reasonable solution.


Photo by Cafer Mert Ceyhan on Unsplash

You will eventually need this type of device.

A monitor is necessary if you want to build your desktop PC setup or need a second screen for your laptop, this will be (without a doubt) a good investment.

Below we have listed a few monitors that may suit your needs.

17. Office & Home

These office & home monitors are an excellent affordable pick if you want to spend less on a monitor and get a decent performance.

Suitable for movie nights, video meetings, or some work-related presentations.

18. Gaming Monitor

Professional gamers are usually inclined to use these types of monitors.

First-person shooters? Maybe MMOs?

Gaming monitors are necessary if you want to benefit from the 1440p resolution and 144 Hz refresh rates and have the best in-game experience.

19. Professional Design

If you have ever wondered how to provide your clients with the best quality of your work, consider using a professional graphic design monitor.

With this device, you will have the best performance and high-resolution combination you will ever find.

20. Monitor Stand

If you have a complex setup, you must use a monitor stand. Good for dual monitors or if you want to build a spaceship.

It can save a little space on your desk and give you more comfort.


Photo by Martin Garrido on Unsplash

Having the right keyboard can affect your overall productivity. Choosing a specific keyboard can help you be more efficient when it comes to typing.

Everyone uses keyboards, but do you have the right one for your needs?

21. Mechanical Keyboard

It’s a good choice if your work is typing-oriented. I used this type of keyboard when I was working as a programmer.

It helped me type faster, and I made fewer typos than using a regular one.

22. Gaming Keyboard

These types of keyboards are a perfect choice for anti-ghosting (a keyboard feature that ensures each key is registered properly).

If you have ever encountered key-press errors, like not pressing the exact order when using some key-press combination, you must consider this.

Or you can throw the usual keyboard and change to a one-hand gaming keyboard. You won’t have to worry about miss clicked keys after buying this.

23. Ergonomic Keyboard

Want to avoid arm, wrist, or shoulder pain? It may be time to change to an ergonomic keyboard.

But be aware that some ergonomic keyboards can take up more space than usual because of the extra keys and built-in rest pads.

24. Flexible Keyboards

Having similar features as the regular QWERTY keyboards, but these are more inclined to maximum portability.

Make of silicon; you can roll them up, pack them in your backpack, and hit the road!

Computer Mouse

Photo by Antonio Manaligod on Unsplash

Of course, we can’t leave this guy aside. We can only have a complete desktop computer setup with this gadget.

It doesn’t matter if you use it for regular work, gaming, or other utilities. A computer mouse it’s a must.

25. Gaming Mouse

Want the best possible accuracy when playing your favorite FPS? This type of device can help you improve your performance when playing games.

But you can’t just rely on a gadget; you must have some skills, haha.

26. Wireless Mouse

A good option for a minimalist choice is that you don’t want any cables around your desk.

But take into consideration that this one needs to use some batteries. So I don’t recommend using this for gaming because it can turn off in the middle of your game.

27. Wired Mouse

The difference between a wired mouse and a wireless one is that with a wired mouse, you will obtain a little more speed, and it will be more responsive.

28. Ergonomic Mouse

Consider this type of mouse if you want to avoid having pressure on your wrist.

They are shaped to fit in your hand like a glove and designed to have a more natural hand position.

Mobile Chargers

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

It would be best if you kept your mobile powered all the time. This type of charger is our superhero when our battery is discharged.

Like that sibling that you have to take care of it all the time, this is what a mobile charger is for a phone. (I hope it’s a good analogy).

29. Wireless Mobile Charger

By using a charging pad, you can quickly charge your smartphone.

The cons of using a wireless mobile charger are that it’s a bit more expensive than usual, but you will get fantastic battery life throughout the day!

30. Wired Mobile Charger

The standard charger is faster and more efficient than the wireless one.

But it’s easy for you to break the charger’s cable, so you must think about this too.

31. Portable Power Bank

You can charge it at your home, then whenever you need to recharge your smartphone, take it out of your backpack and give it a go.

Some portable power banks can quickly charge your battery to 100%.

32. Fast Charger

As you can tell, this decreases the charging time of the battery.

A minor disadvantage of this is that it may decrease the lifespan of your lithium-ion batteries.


Photo by Marques Kaspbrak on Unsplash

Suitable for film fanatics, a television must have its place in your home.

When you want to rest, take a break from the daily routine and be lazy.

Prepare your favorite foods, lay down on your couch, and start watching some movies. Everybody deserves a “cheat day” from time to time.

33. LCD TVs

Use less power than old plasma displays but, at the same time, are brighter. LCD TVs are perfect for an everyday experience when it comes to watching movies.

34. OLED TVs

You may have come across the term “OLED TV.” OLED TVs are best known for their picture quality.

They are known for producing deep blacks, wide viewing angles, and fast refresh rates, making them a popular choice for high-end TVs.

35. 4K TVs

Because that 4K resolution has become the standard for most TVs in today’s market, you will get higher quality by purchasing these types of devices.

Thanks to the considerable density of pixels, it can offer more vivid and detailed picture quality.

You will achieve a more cinematic and immersive experience by using more room space.

36. 8K TVs

The ultimate cinema experience you can ever experience.

There is no point in arguing. 8 K resolution TVs are the father of them all.

But think of it. Bigger isn’t always better.


Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Perfect for moments of complete focus or when you want to play your favorite song.

Maybe you wear them to ignore people while walking on the street.

Headphones are suitable for both use cases.

37. In-ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are suitable for you, being easy to carry around if you want to fit them quickly in your pocket and start your day.

38. On-ear & Over-ear Headphones

They are more challenging to lose than the in-ear ones but will take a little more space, with better sound quality.

Wireless or wired, these gadgets can be more comfortable to wear.

39. Earbuds Headphones

If you ever tire of untangling your headphones each time you want to use them, earbuds headphones are a good option.

You can easily connect them to your phone by using a Bluetooth connection.

40. Noise-canceling Headphones

It can reduce surrounding sounds. It’s good at blocking out outside distractions.

Perfect for working in a noisy environment, whether in the office or home.

Photography Cameras

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

For professional photographers or people pursuing photography as a hobby, we have to add cameras for photography to this list.

41. Compact Digital Cameras

This type of digital camera is designed for regular use. Only a few settings are available to modify the image.

A digital camera allows anyone to capture beautiful pictures, which is suitable for beginners in photography.

I think these are the most user-friendly of them all. With a small and lighter design, it doesn’t require all the extra lenses or accessories.

42. DSLR Cameras

Let’s say this device is more suitable for people who know more about photography.

A lot of experienced photographers use DSLR Cameras.

43. GoPro Action Cameras

Have you ever seen a video where you saw different stunts or some POV movie?

GoPro Action Cameras can allow you to record from different angles and can be a cheap version sometimes.

44. Instant Cameras

You can use an instant camera for something other than an online photo album, like an Instagram account.

In seconds, instant cameras will print the photo you took and will be ready to store in your photo memory book.


Photo by Anomaly on Unsplash

Want something even smaller and lighter than a laptop and do your job on the go while using a touch screen?

With the help of technology, we can use tablets.

More convenient than having a smartphone in terms of web navigation, typing stuff, and having video meetings.

45. Ipads

Hands down the best choice when it comes to tablets.

Ipads can be more expensive than the other tables on the market.

But this is an excellent option for a superior experience with mobile tablets.

46. Android Tablets

From all the Android tablets, high-end Samsung can compete with the Ipads.

A thing that can beat the Ipads is the fully customizable features that come with using an Android device.

47. Tablet Keyboards

If you are struggling with typing on a touchscreen and want to finish your work faster, a keyboard for your tablet is the first one you should use.

So for productivity and efficiency, these keyboard tablets are the best option.

48. Stylus Pen

Suitable for the time when you want to handwrite some notes or keep your screen neat.

Perfect for when we don’t want to damage our tablet screens, and it’s easy to carry with us.

Even if you want to draw something, stylus pens come in handy.



There is still some usage for printers. Whether you want to print some photos or need to print something for your school, printers can be helpful.

You may need to work with some legal documents and want to keep your information private. Printers are problem solvers in this case.

49. Inkjet Printers

They are the standard printer version. It simply sprays the ink onto the paper.

It can print a page at up to 1440×720 dots per inch (dpi). They are a good use if you want to get decent quality out of your print.

50. Laser Printers

They are known for their speed, high-quality printing, and low cost per page.

They are often used in office environments but are also suitable for home use.

Laser printers are fancier and cost more than inkjet printers, but they are more cost-effective in the long run due to their low cost per page and low maintenance requirements.

51. All-in-one Printers

All-in-one printers, known as multifunction printers, can print, scan, copy, and sometimes even fax documents.

They are a convenient and cost-effective solution for home and office users, eliminating the need for separate devices for each function.

All-in-one printers come in inkjet and laser models and offer just about anything you can think about, with a range of functionalities such as Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile printing.

52. 3D Printers

This type of printer allows us to design and print more sophisticated crafts.

“Rapid Prototyping” is one of the most significant benefits, allowing us to build things in as little time as possible.

These days, 3D printers are more accessible to a broader range of people, so if you have a DIY project, work as an engineer, or create some tools, this gadget may be suitable for you.


Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Microphones have multiple uses; one example is that you are a singer or a YouTuber.

Consider using a professional microphone if you want to deliver the best sound quality and exceed your audience’s expectations.

53. Podcasting Microphones

Podcast microphones are specialized microphones designed for recording audio for podcasts.

They often have different innovations, such as noise-cancellation and high-quality recording capabilities, to ensure clear and crisp audio quality.

54. Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones allow users to move while speaking or singing into the microphone.

They transmit the audio signal to a receiver via radio waves, eliminating the need for a physical connection.

Wireless microphones are commonly used in live performances, television broadcasting, and public speaking events.

55. Condenser Microphones

In studio recording, condenser microphones are often used to capture subtle, delicate sounds. They are known for their high-frequency response and ability to capture fast transients.

56. Live Streaming Microphones

Live streaming microphones are explicitly designed for live-streaming video and audio over the internet.

They often have features such as high-quality audio recording, noise reduction, and comprehensive frequency response to ensure precise and reliable audio for the stream.


Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

Helping us connect our gadgets to the internet, being a crucial component of modern internet connectivity, we need to have one of these nearby.

Everybody can use router devices in homes, businesses, and other organizations, so consider this a must-have tool.

57. Wireless Routers

The standard router device allows us to access the internet easily.

In most cases, it is less expensive to own a wireless router than the other versions.

58. Gaming Routers

Have you ever wondered how it’s to play a game without having trouble with your connection to the internet?

Gaming routers can eliminate this inconvenience.

59. Portable Routers

You may not have access to the standard internet router.

You can access the internet using a portable one without stressing about your location. Just quickly pack it in your backpack, and feel free to use it anytime.

Hard-drives & Storage

Photo by Nick van der Ende on Unsplash

If you ever run out of space, want to back up your data, or need extra space to store data, hard drives come in handy anytime.

Whether you need an integrated or external hard drive, both are good options for saving your digital data.

60. SSD (Solid State Drive)

A lighter and much faster version of the standard HDD, but with a higher price. A good choice if you don’t have enough space on your computer.

61. HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

If you need more budget, this may be a better solution.

Traditional storage devices it’s an essential part of your technology equipment.

62. External (Portable) HDD

You can use this device if you want to keep your data private from a cloud storage platform.

Your data is always accessible, even when you don’t have access to an internet connection, and your information is accessible only to you and you.

A disagreement for this is that it can easily be stolen.

63. USB Flash Drive

Regarding portability, this gadget is smaller than your phone, can be carried everywhere, and can quickly transfer data from one device to another.

It’s easy to use; insert your USB flash drive into your laptop and operate your data.

Outdoor & Travel Gadgets

Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

These electronic devices and tools are designed to be used in outdoor environments.

They can be helpful for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and backpacking.

If you ever want to run in the mountains but still need some technology around, these gadgets can make your trip easier.

64. Drones

With the help of drones, we can record beautiful landscapes and even shoot fantastic movies.

Drones can help us immortalize fantastic moments and build incredible memories.

65. Electric Bikes

In today’s day and age, bikes have become lighter, more compact, more powerful, and sometimes cheaper.

If you want to upgrade your biking experience, e-bikes are a good use.

Or you want to race with your friends and want to make less effort. Electric bikes can make you a winner!

66. Portable Generators

Portable generators are handy if you intend to spend several days in the forest and need electric power.

But remember to pack some fuel supplies with you because they can last up to 6-18 hours, and you will have to recharge them occasionally.

67. Portable Solar Panels

Because you can have almost unlimited power and usage of green energy, solar panels are a convenient solution that can be applied everywhere you go.

68. Heated Jackets

Cool-weather? Put on your heated jacket, and you will get warmed up quickly.

You can wear this for up to 12 hours. Good if you are too lazy to make a fire.

69. Minipresso

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to make your morning coffee on the road?

Minipressos is an appropriate choice. Lightweight and versatile, your portable expresso machine.

70. Lifestraw Water Filter

A portable water purifier, just place it into a water source and suck the water through, the same as using an ordinary straw.

But to be more precautious, spit out your first sip to test if you can drink it safely.

71. Anti-Spy Detector

If you don’t do camping so much, you are more inclined to rent someplace out, and you are skeptical that you are being watched, and spy detectors can reduce those doubts.

Home Gadgets

Photo by Kowon vn on Unsplash

If you have ever dreamed of having a smart home, then you need to check out these cool gadgets.

People can use electronic devices to make household tasks easier and more efficient.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections can control some of them remotely by using your smartphone.

It can improve the functionality and convenience of your home.

72. Projectors

Want to spend a movie night with your family or gather with friends and want to experience the feeling of a cinema?

Pick your wall and turn on your projector, start a movie, make some popcorn, and have fun while staying at home.

73. Mirrors

Do you want to see another fantastic thing than yourself when you wake up?

With smart mirrors, you can check the time, the weather, and the latest news when brushing your teeth.

74. Nanoleaf Lights

With Nanoleaf lights, you can create your design for your room ambiance.

Nanoleaf lights can allow you to sync up your music through their built-in technology.

75. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Good for saving time and energy, with built-in sensors and cameras, they can easily clean your home just by touching a button.

76. Self-watering Planter

A type of plant container that has a built-in watering system to help keep plants hydrated.

Refill a water reservoir at the bottom whenever it is empty, and it will do the job for you.

Office Gadgets

Photo by cetteup on Unsplash

Office gadgets can help improve workplace productivity and efficiency by connecting them to your computer or just external ones.

Many times, these types of tech gadgets can come in handy.

77. Standing Desk

Whether you want to fix your stance or burn calories by doing your office job, this modern tool can change your mood.

You can adjust the height manually or electronically to meet your requirements.

78. Multiple USB Charger

If you use multiple devices like phones, tablets, or laptops and want to have all the cables in one place, a multiple USB charger is a perfect choice.

79. 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger

This gadget is convenient for individuals who use headphones frequently and want a designated place to store them and for those who want an easy way to charge their devices without using cords or outlets.

80. Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Want to keep your desk clean? Get a desk vacuum cleaner.

Small, easy to use, and compact. Turn in on, clean your mess, and then you can continue your work in a more sanitary space.

81. LED Desk Lamp

Sometimes you want to turn all the background lights off and work in a darker room. Or you are a night owl and want to save money on your electric bill.

If you have poor lighting and want a brighter desk, LED desk lamps are a suitable purchase.

82. Coffee Mug Warmer

If your schedule is busy and you don’t want to spend time drinking coffee outside your office, these gadgets are a quick solution.

Smart Devices

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Having the capability of interacting remotely with other types of tech gadgets by using an application, the internet, by using a wireless connection.

Being a main part of IoT (Internet of Things), these gadgets can help humans live and work smarter.

83. Air Tag

Have you ever worried about losing a personal item, like your wallet, phone, house keys, or backpack?

AirTags devices come to your rescue, and every time you struggle to find something around the house, access the AirTag application on your iPhone, and you will find them in no time!

84. Temperature Display for Thermos Coffee Bottles

A standard thermos bottle, but with the addition of a temperature display LED.

When you want to drink your beverage and check if it’s too cold or hot, just tap the lid, and the temperature will be displayed.

85. Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

A quick way to monitor your grill. Place the thermometer inside the meat, check the temperature on your phone, and see if it’s ready to eat.

86. Air Purifiers

These devices are good to use for people that are suffering from allergies.

I even used one of these when I worked in a dusty environment.

Overall this is a good appliance for both adults and children.

87. Video Doorbells

We can speak, hear, and see anyone who knocks at our door from anywhere using our smartphones.

A requirement for people that want an extra layer of security.

Wearable Gadgets

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Wearable gadgets are an excellent option for portability, making it easier to carry them with us.

A standout feature is that it can be hands-free and compact.

Start tracking your fitness level and location. These wearable gadgets are good for people doing much work with their hands.

88. Posture Corrector

Using a vibration motion whenever you have an incorrect posture, these gadgets are excellent for sedentary people.

They will reduce your back pain and make your life easier afterward.

89. Rings

An ideal health-tracking device, being the most portable of them all.

Good if you want to get notified whenever you receive a text message or a call on your phone without always carrying it.

90. Smart Watches

Watch-sized computers, if you want to avoid using your phone every time, smartwatches are a good pick for regular use.

See it if as is a personal digital assistant “glued” to your wrist!

91. Fitbit Watches

A smaller version of a smartwatch with few features, these gadgets are good if you do an intense workout and don’t want any discomfort on your wrist.

And also, some of these Fitbit watches can come pre-installed with a calories burned tracker, so make sure you don’t miss this out!

Fun Gadgets

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Now, why we don’t combine both the utility of a gadget and a little fun?

I have searched for gadgets that can give us a little hit of dopamine whenever we use them.

92. Laser Projection Keyboard

The future at its finest. You get a little box connected via Bluetooth to your device.

Then the projector will show a “hologram” on your surface, and you can type on it like a real keyboard.

93. Self-Balancing Scooters

A quick way of getting from point A to point B with little exercise.

Forget bicycles. Hop on your e-scooter, and hit the road!

94. Levitating Floating Plant

A good combination of nature and technology. If you ever want to impress your co-workers, levitating floating plants are a fun gadget.

95. Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

If you want to watch some movies on your smartphone but want to avoid getting visually fatigued, these screen magnifiers can double your screen size.

Easy to use and highly portable, a good option for a better movie experience.

Gadgets For Your Pet

Photo by Kyle Hanson on Unsplash

Let’s remember our pets. The ones we spend time with every day and make our lives more beautiful.

96. GPS Tracker

GPS trackers come in handy when you let your pet loose in the park and worry about losing him.

Tie it to your pet’s collar and have no stress. You will know your pet’s location anytime by checking your phone.

97. Automatic Food Feeders

These gadgets are good for people who spend hours at the office and cannot feed their pets throughout the day.

Set specific times when you want your pet to be fed, or press a button on your phone, and your pet will have a full belly.

But be careful not to give him too much food, or he will get fat!

98. Automatic Ball Launcher

Keep your dog in action without having any shoulder problems.

It will throw the ball a long distance, your pet will get a good cardio workout, and you can enjoy your beer peacefully while sitting in your chair.

99. Temperature Monitor For Your Pet

If you ever need to let your dog inside your car and do some groceries, temperature monitors can save his life (literally).

Set some convenient temperatures, and no one will worry about your dog being uncomfortable.

Think as if it is a companion app for your companion pet!

100. 360° Pet Camera

If you want to get some crazy footage of your pet running around in the wild, 360° Dog Cameras is a good gadget.

Just place it somewhere on your pet and wait until he starts getting some “zoomies”.

But be careful so that you won’t lose it, because of sudden movements.

101. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you ever got bored with the usual litter chore, having always cleaned after your cat, a self-cleaning litter box will do the job for you.

You won’t have to change the litter, and the smell will disappear.


After reviewing this list, I hope you find some valuable and entertaining information. You might use the same tech gadgets that I use.

Present-day technology can boost our quality of life. Whether you want to use it for entertainment purposes or to get more educated, it can even reduce your physical effort.

But be careful; like everything else, you must have a balance.

Only spend some of your time using technology; paradoxically, you must disconnect yourself from the devices you are constantly using and spend time in the real world too.